Vanguard anti cheat has not finished installing

How to fix vanguard anti cheat has not finished installing

As stated by RIOT, this issue is most commonly caused by drivers being out of date or not digitally signed. Yet there are some digitally drivers which are still considered as untrusted by Vanguard Anti Cheat.

First we need to check if there are untrusted drivers on our computer.

Run command sigverif and click yes to perform the check.

Depending on the results window, we can analyze each and every driver stated as non verified ( google them if needed) and remove the one that we do not need or update them. 

If the verification is successful and there are no results then we will need to check for untrusted drivers.

One of the most common one is the gigabyte driver : gdrv.sys

This driver is installed by many applications such as:


If you have any of these applications installed, make sure they are fully updated to the latest drivers.

If the issue persists even after trying the fixes above, then VboxUSBMON.sys could be the culprit here.

Boot into safe mode and delete the file C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\VboxUSBMON.sys

Lastly if you have a sonic studio virtual mixer in the device manager, it is recommended to disable it.

We hope that your issue has been resolved by now and you no longer have the vanguard anti cheat has not finished installing issue, if not please leave a comment and we will try to find the fix for you.

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