jett abilities explained

Jett abilities explained

The new action-packed shooter Valorant came with many exciting features. Agents are the most impressive one of them. Valorant’s agents add to the curiosity of players and the thrill of the game as well. Have you chosen the best agent for yourself? Does it match your personality? Here, we will go through an in-depth analysis of one of our favorites, “Jett”.

Jett agent

Presenting one of the most liked and supported Valorant agents with the most efficient and useful abilities. Jett is a speedster familiar with all the effective battle strategies and can lead the team out of the most dangerous situations. Acting as the most evasive and agile agent, Jett is capable of clearing a large area of the map and snatching rounds from an enemy team with her fast movements and abilities. Jett resides in the Duelist class with some of the best support agents. For the ranking, Jett is included in Tier A among the strongest Valorant agents.

Jett’s Abilities

Now let’s have a brief look at Jett’s abilities that make her, a master of combat. Jett abilities explained below:


Ability type: Basic

Cost: 100

Description: A ball of air is thrown that forms a dome to block enemy visions.


Ability type: Basic

Cost: 200

Description: Makes Jett jump higher in the air and float for a little time.


Ability type: Signature

Cost: No cost

Description:Performs a dash that makes Jett quickly move in the facing direction for a short amount of time.

Blade Storm

Ability type: Ultimate

Cost: 6 points

Description:Knives are thrown at the enemy agents. Single or more knives can be thrown at will.

jett valorant abilities explained

Are you looking for an agent with some of the most balanced abilities? Well, Jett is the perfect answer in this case. Jett has the most balanced abilities of all the Valorant agents. Her abilities support her in defense and breaking enemy lines as well. Now let’s have a detailed look at all of Jett’s abilities.


Cloudburst stands in the best defensive abilities. With her Cloudburst ability, Jett throws a projectile that forms a cloudy dome at the place it makes the first contact with. Although, the dome is a bit smaller as compared to other defensive abilities it has a plus point. Jett can throw the ball in a curve that can bend it in mid-air. An advantage of this is that Jett can make it go for the target without blowing her cover or appearing in front of the enemy.

The dome blocks enemy vision and can be used for other defensive purposes as well. The best places to use Cloudburst are to block enemy snipers, rush on the enemy, and while planting or defusing the spike.


Updraft is a unique ability that is not found in most Valorant agents. Updraft ability makes Jett jump higher in the air for a short time. It makes Jett reach many higher points on the map that are mostly left unnoticed by enemy agents. This thing can lead to an effective surprise attack that can eliminate more than one enemy agents. You can also use it to defend the spike from a higher safe location.
Similarly, Updraft can be best used while rushing on enemy agents at dangerous points of the game with higher jumping as an element of surprise. We have also seen players using Updraft combined with other abilities to increase their output and effectiveness.


Tailwind is one of the most useful abilities among all Valorant agents. As mentioned above, Tailwind makes Jett dash in the direction she is moving. Team rush is a good strategy and is mostly used at the start of rounds. With Jett’s Tailwind ability, she can take advantage and perform a deadly rush on enemy agents. Including this, Tailwind is free of cost ability and can be used as many times as wanted to eliminate any fear of wasting it. This makes Tailwind very useful.
But you need to keep one thing in mind. Jett is the fastest and can easily get separated from teammates. So, make sure to move with the team while rushing or flanking.

Blade Storm

Here is Jett’s ultimate ability. As the name indicates, Blade Storm makes Jett throw knives at the enemy agents. There is an option of throwing a single or a greater number of knives. Blade Storm is a very useful ability that can be best used when combined with Updraft. Jett can find a safe spot and just as the enemy gets in range, Blade Storm can end it. Including this, Blade Storm has a specialty. Every time Jett gets a kill, Blade Storm resets itself making it ready again. This makes Jett, take on more than one enemy at a time.
With all the advantages, Blade Storm has a slight disadvantage. You need the sharpest aim in order to gain a kill. As Blade Storm makes Jett throw knives that must hit their target every time, missing will make it difficult So, a sharp aim is necessary.

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