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How to perfect spray accuracy in Valorant

To fully understand what you are trying to perfect here lets first explain this by splitting it into two topics, Recoil and Bullet Spread. These are completely different from each other. To further understand this read below.


This is the simpler topic of the two. When you hold down your left mouse button and continue to spray, your gun will be forced upwards and your crosshair will shift slightly. This is caused due to the push-back force from each bullet fired. Depending on the type and power of the armament, the recoil will vary drastically. For example, Shotguns have a massive knock-back, and take time to return to their original position, Snipers have an upwards knock-back that prevents you from taking multiple shots consecutively, and in the same way, Assault Rifles too have small upwards jerks that screw up your aim. A simple way to avoid missing your shots due to recoil is to aim slightly lower near the neck region of the opponent so that your 2nd or 3rd shot will be a head-shot and the fight is over before you take much damage.

Bullet Spread

Here’s where it gets tricky. Bullet spread is the distance between consecutive shots when spraying while keeping your crosshair stationary. This distance varies and depends on you movement. If you are running or walking while spraying chances are, you’ll never hit you enemy unless he is right upon you. Technically, controlling your bullet spread improves your accuracy. While standing still the spread is greatly reduced and you have better chances of actually hitting the enemy. Different guns have different spread distances and also an individual unique spray pattern. This spray pattern is fixed and the gun will always perform as per this. This gives the player an advantage as if the Spray Patterns are memorised and then inverted, and the player tracks his or her crosshair in the other direction, all of the bullets are potential head-shots and they will all strike the same region.

Now lets focus on the spray patterns for popular Rifles, a Sidearms, and SMG’s in Valorant.

In the sidearms segment there is only one crazy gun that needs control. That’s right, its the Frenzy.


This crazy little pistol goes insane if a player tries to spray with it. It only has a small mag of 13 bullets. The first 4 bullets fire exactly where the crosshair is but after that it they move violently upwards and to the right before finally snapping upwards a bit more. You can make this better by gently dragging down and left with your mouse. You can of course nullify the recoil jump by shooting in six-round bursts. This seems to be a good tried and tested method as each burst can be another enemy killed.


This cheap SMG plays a huge part in Valorants Eco rounds. It can be useful for up to 10m but longer than that it is pretty much useless. Making an inverted L with a curve at the bottom to the left is the easiest way to use this accurately over medium range.


This is a relatively easy to control SMG which has constant recoil and bullet spread for the first 10 bullets. For moderate control the only thing you have to do is move downwards and serpentine slightly. This gives you maximum accuracy and is an easy thing to practice and harness.


This is the hardest one to perfect. The patterns seem random but we have found a solution. The gun jerks upward and makes wide turns on the way before flattening out on top. The way to control this is by moving downwards trying to form an inverted 7 and moving left a bit. This will make you land most of your shots but is still unreliable.


The Phantom’s first few shots are easy to land all the way up to a distance of 30 metres, but if you intend on emptying entire clips over ranged distances then you will have to move straight down and twitch your mouse left when you are at the 9th or 10th shot. The pattern looks like a tall upside ‘T’. The most effective way to use this rifle is with short four-round bursts, dragging down as you fire each burst.


This pattern is easier to handle than the Bulldogs’ but its much more trickier than the Phantoms’. Since this is the most popular weapon we will explore this in better detail.

For the first 10 bullets the spray goes straight up, then for the next 5 bullets it veers left and returns to the middle.

The next 5 bullets spin to the right and the clip is finished when the last 5 bullets start to move back left in the end. The way to control this is by moving down for the first 10 shots then moving right and left after intervals of 5 bullets each.

These are the easiest ways to memorize and practice spray patterns for the above mentioned weapons. I hope you learned something new here!

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