valorant guns compared to csgo

Valorant guns compared to CSGO

Valorant is the new hype amongst the people of the gaming community and is the current game that everyone is yearning for. It is a major rival to Valve’s successful game CS:GO and is in many ways extremely similar to it.

Many consider Valorant to be the younger brother of the iconic game that took the world by storm since August 2012.

A striking similarity between the two is the availability of armaments and their type. Today, in this article we will be comparing the weaponry of CS:GO with its brother Valorants’. We will highlight Valorant guns compared to csgo.

There are a total of 17 guns available in Valorant. Valorant guns are segregated into 6 types of weapons, namely:

  1. Sidearms
  2. SMG’s
  3. Shotguns
  4. Rifles
  5. Snipers
  6. Heavy

valorant guns

Only the weapons which have a similar variant in CS:GO have been listed below. The Shorty Sidearm is the exception from this list and is not like any CS:GO gun.


valorant sidearmsThe sidearms in Valorant all offer their functions for first-round buys and eco rounds. Whether you like to play up close and personal or prefer ranged precision, there’s an option for you.


This standard weapon is the default pistol for a Valorant player. This can be compared to the P2000 in CS:GO. It is a mediocre weapon that has decent damage per bullet and a moderate rate of fire. It is not very advanced compared to the other available sidearms but is not to be underestimated nevertheless.


This is an automatic pistol that spews bullets at a very high rate. However, what it makes up for in fire rate, it lacks accuracy. In close range battles this can give you the upper hand but if you’re targeting a ranged opponent, it’s safer to try burst firing or tap shooting for increased accuracy. It is similar to the CZ75-Auto in CS:GO.


This is a well-named semi-automatic pistol. It is named so because it is the only sidearm that has a silencer. This makes it harder for enemies to target you and keeps your location relatively hidden. To use this to the best of its ability, you will need to aim for head-shots but luckily it doesn’t have much recoil which makes this a very useful weapon. Obviously this is similar to the USP-S which is the default Counter-Terrorist weapon in CS:GO.


This gun is no doubt a complete ripoff of the Desert Eagle from CS:GO. It is the most expensive sidearm but just like CS:GO it is an instant head-shot killer and is very powerful. It packs a huge punch and can be a great asset to your team in the hands of the right person in the early rounds.


valorant smgs spectre stingerSMG’s are perfect for short to mid-range engagements. You can hip spray at close range but you’ll need to look down sights and burst fire for longer range.


This full-automatic weapon has the highest fire rate in the game, but with this power comes the responsibility of maintaining trigger discipline and control over your spray. Due to its high recoil and bullet spread it is not recommended for use over long distances. This is easily compared to the UMP-45 from CS:GO.


This devastating SMG is similar to the Stinger but it has a slightly lower rate of fire, but it makes up for that with its higher usable range. Although it can be used over moderately long distances unlike the Stinger, it is not recommended to do so. It can be compared to the MP7 from CS:GO.


valorant shotgun bucky judge

These are the kings of close-range combat and cannot be rivalled by an SMG in close range fights.


This semi-automatic pump-action shotgun boasts an insane amount of damage but high bullet spread and recoil. It fires a skull-crushing slug every 1.1 seconds. Its alternate firing mode is similar to that of Roadhog from Overwatch. This is like the Sawed-Off from CS:GO.


This fully automatic shotgun is on a new level altogether. It can fire 3.5 rounds each second which can turn the tide of a fight in your favor in instants. This is very similar to the Auto-Shottie or XM1014 from CS:GO.


valorant assault riflesThese are the main elements of Valorant and are the very souls of combat. They are used from long-medium range and are very versatile. If you know how to use a Rifle properly you will never face any difficulty in leading your team to victory.


This is the cheapest rifle available in Valorant. It fires automatically from the hip but when aiming down sights it switches to burst fire mode. This is very similar to the Famas from CS:GO.


This is a different type of Rifle as it is a semi-automatic. Even still, it is an improvement over the Bulldog for longer ranges but is less consistent in closer ranges. This is similar to the SCAR-20 from CS:GO.


This weapon will always turn out to be a nightmare for the other team. It has a good rate of fire combined with high damage per bullet which makes it incredibly balanced. If you are looking for a higher rate of fire, this is a better option as compared to the Vandal. This is the same as the M4A4 from CS:GO.

This is the epitome of destruction. This overpowered assault rifle is the go-to choice of many players due to its higher damage output. It can shred through an opponent in a matter of seconds. This is a close equivalent of the widely-loved AK-47 from CS:GO.


valorant heavy guns odin aresHeavy machine guns provide a lot of sustained firepower in exchange for a loss of accuracy. They also excel at killing through walls with high penetration.


This is not that great a choice as it only works in very close ranges and its accuracy is horrible. The bullet spread increases with the time that you spray continually. This is the Negev of CS:GO.


This machine gun has a higher fire rate and damage as compared to the Ares but is also almost double the price. This has more control over your spray and bullet spread and can crush enemy rushes easily if used correctly. This is very similar to the M249 in CS:GO.


valorant sniper marshal operator
If you know how to handle a really accurate weapon with ease then this section is built for you. These are effective over long distances to pick off enemies one by one.


This sniper is a very good choice for a player in a low budget eco round. It takes two shots to kill an enemy by body shots but can kill them instantly with a head-shot. This can easily be compared to the Scout / SSG 08.


The ultimate sniper, the Operator can one-shot anyone with a body or head-shot.

It is Valorants version of the high powered bolt action sniper rifle of CS:GO, the AWP.

This is worth the hefty price tag if the player knows how to use it well.

These are all the weapons one can use in Valorant, and I hope this article helps you transition from a CS:GO player to a Valorant player. For more articles and help with Valorant related topics, explore the rest of this website. Be sure to leave a review and recommend this to your friends if it helped you. Thanks for reading!

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