What valorant agent am i

What Valorant agent am I

This is a tricky question and our article will help you answer questions like What Valorant agent am I ? What Valorant agent should I use ?

Phoenix is our favorite agent for beginners due to his versatile nature. He brings not only offensive abilities to the table but utilities as well. Such a versatile nature gives him the ability to be a solo player as well as an essential team member. Based on the abilities of Phoenix, he is an aggressive agent that focuses more on attack than defense. Most of his abilities are offensive with a somewhat defensive or supportive nature.

For new players, Phoenix is the perfect agent.

Phoenix players won’t need much communication due to his abilities. His offensive and defensive nature make him the perfect agent for most of the scenarios.

Phoenix Is a Rushing Agent with Defensive Abilities

Most of Phoenix’s abilities focus on attack and his signature move Hot hands is no exception. Hot hands is a ball of fire that acts like a Molotov. It can damage enemies through fire. If a person time it right then I will not only do damage but block an entrance as well. Like any other signature ability, Hot hands will recharge after every two kills. If Phoenix stands in his fire then it will heal him. Hot hands is also part of that process. The downside of this ability is friendly damage. Players can damage their allies if not careful.

Communication for Phoenix is Important But Not as Much as Other Agents

Curveball is the ability of Phoenix that acts as a flashbang. Phoenix can throw a ball of fire towards enemies to blind them. Players will have a chance to control the direction of Curveball. They can either throw it to the left side or right side. Curveball can backfire on both Phoenix and his allies. So be careful and make sure that Phoenix or his allies are not caught in it.

Blaze is an ability of Phoenix that helps him block the line of sight of his enemies. Blaze can damage everyone including player’s allies but not the player. Just like Hot hands the fire of Blaze can heal Phoenix and act as a wall to stop advancing enemies. Blaze does not stop shots of enemies but it can obscure a location. Players can bend Balze to left and right just like Curveball.

Run it Back is Phoenix’s ultimate ability that gives him an extra life. Once a player uses it then he or she can go all out without worrying about death. If Phoenix dies in the process then he will just return to the marker where the ability was used. The downside of this ability is the cooldown. Once player use it then they won’t be able to use weapons for some time. Phoenix comes back from the marker with no armor.

How Phoenix’s Abilities Match my Playstyle?

Phoenix is an Agent that can play both solo and team. He has offensive abilities and utilities to support teammates. Though most of his abilities are aggressive they can still help his teammates. Little communication is needed to play as Phoenix due to his versatile nature. Curve Ball can help teammates not just Phoenix and so does Blaze. The only downside of Phoenix’s ability is his friendly damage. Phoenix is a versatile player with aggressive abilities and I play as him because many teammates won’t commutate.

For a player with a limited communication option, Phoenix is the perfect agent.

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