why is valorant better than csgo

Why is Valorant better than CSGO

An introduction to Valorant

Valorant is a team-based tactical first-person shooter set in the near future. Players have to assume the roles of different characters, many of whom have various unique abilities and these are similar to the role of utilities in CS: GO. In Valorant, the objective of the attacking team is to plant the spike, the same as the bomb in CS; GO, on one of the three bomb sites on each map. The defending team is tasked with the job of stopping them. Just like CS it is a 5 person team, and also just like CS: GO each weapon has a special spray pattern that takes time to master. However, instead of the 30 round official matchmaking, we see in CS: GO, Valorant has 24 round games. This means 12 rounds per side as compared to the 15 rounds per side in CS: GO.

So why is Valorant better than CSGO?


Riot Games claims that the game can be run by low-spec PCs and Laptops and can be run smoothly on 30FPS, same as CS: GO but unlike Valves creation, all Valorant servers are 128 tick as opposed to the lowly 64 tick servers that CS: GO has to offer. The 128 tick servers make a huge difference for people having lower spec PC’s. This appeals to the mass public and encourages them to try this new mystical game. This gives a striking difference in the performance of the game and makes it smoother. This is something Valve failed to give the gaming community in their creation.


Riot Games has announced the release of an efficient and fantastic Anti-cheat system that will easily catch and ban players using additional external hacks immediately. This is a problem CS: GO players have been struggling with for years now. Overwatch is efficient but not as much as Valve thought it would be. It ended up being a source of major amounts of YouTube content rather than a serious inspection privilege. Even though the Anti-cheat launcher isn’t out yet, it shows much promise for Valorant and gives it an advantage over CS: GO.

Gameplay & Characters

Valorant gameplay is very similar to CS: GO due to the mechanics of its structure. A players’ accuracy decreases when firing while moving, forcing players to peek, stop, and then fire their shot to be fully accurate. Additionally differentiated moving speeds depend on the equipped weapon. Player movement, being slow, makes this a very strategic slow-paced game. This means that unlike CS: GO, a player has to think of good plays instead of the usual faulty “RUSH A” or “RUSH B” in CS: GO. A character serves the role of an unlimited utility if compared to CS: GO. So for the entire game, the player is supposed to use his abilities to support the team. In Valorant, to stand a chance at winning, each player has to be perfect at their role otherwise they will let the team down. This builds friendship and teamwork unlike in CS: GO where everyone can buy their utilities and go do their own thing. 

The existence of a Fire (left-click) versus Alternate Fire (right-click) with a different rate of fire, sometimes even damage, is quite unusual for CS: GO players. I would also add that the reset time, the length of time you need to wait between shots to remain accurate, seems to be longer in Valorant. This makes Valorant a game in which more skill is required. It tests a player more than CS: GO with its futuristic gameplay and sneaky new features. If one wants to become a complete player in Valorant, there is no way around learning each of the 10 agents and their complete kits, their cooldown, their range, effects, and potential synergy. 

Thus Valorant is a more hard-core, strategic game that requires raw talent and skill making this a better game for Pros to play. 


The weapons in Valorant are slightly diluted versions of CS: GO weapons which make them easier to control, learn, and practice with. However unlike CS: GO, the spray patters are not exactly fixed so there can be a variation in bullet spread and recoil. This means that to become a pro there are no shortcuts and one must grind the game to get good at it. This makes the matchmaking rounds highly competitive and challenging. This is an advantage to Valorant gamers who are trying to become good before others so that they can have a chance at going pro. 


Though Valorant and CS: GO are highly similar games they are miles apart in their own experiences. The new underdog Valorant, surely will not manage to kill an iconic game such as CS: GO but can steal some of its users. Valve will never let their baby fall prey to the clutches of Riot. CS: GO will have to step things up to take back control of the gaming scene but until Valve can come up with a massive idea, Valorant will be taking away all the users, pros, and of course, the coveted gaming spotlight. 

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