Is Valorant Vanguard Anti Cheat Safe

Is Valorant Vanguard Anti Cheat Safe?

Valorant is the new talk of the town in the gaming forum. Its release kept everyone on their toes and multitudes of people were eagerly awaiting its legendary release. This game is often compared to CS:GO, with which it shares majority of its features, but there were a few things that put Riots creation into a league (pun intended) of its own. A major defining feature was the Vanguard Anti-cheat System. Riot claimed that this was a new step towards eliminating the presence of hackers in their games (something which CS:GO failed to provide).

This new Anti-cheat launcher was designed to automatically ban people using external scripts and downloaded additional information sources or auto-aim. This looked very promising for Riot because it put CS:GO’s Overwatch to shame. However there is a rumor going around that this Anti-cheat is unsafe and can ruin your PC. This article is to help clear all such notions and give you the real story.


This all started when new accounts started getting banned for no reason at all, and mysterious files kept appearing on players’ computers. This happened while Valorant was in Beta stage which led people to believe that there was a separate piece of code that was performing these tasks and that Valorant was bugged. However, it was found that the files were integral files of Valorant which were auto-saved onto their desktop instead of the local program files. This led them to think that these were generated by the launcher and that it was malware.

Riot revisited their Anti-cheat and found that the launcher had rules that were a bit too strict and even because of the presence of other harmless files on their desktop, Vanguard was blocking the players for it. This was soon fixed and the checklist became a little bit more lenient. The Anti-cheat files were changed to auto-save to a separate folder altogether and Valorants small error was covered up in the updates during its Beta phase. Now this launcher has been perfected and Vanguard is perfectly safe.

Do not hesitate to download Valorant and everything has been tried and tested, and there are no risks to damaging your PC.

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