Valorant Economy Guide

The Do`s and Don`t of Buying in Valorant

We want to help you guys understand and manage your finances properly to lead you towards a brighter future by that I mean only for Valorant sorry.

For a lot of you players, transitioning from another game that’s not csgo you probably won’t fully understand how economy works in a game like Valorant but don’t worry by the end of this article you’ll fully learn everything you need to know about when to buy the big guns.


Before I get into that, our question of the day is what changes do you think Valorant needs the most. For me I have a few changes I would like to see again and this is entirely my own opinion but I would like to see riot maybe increasing the movement speed a little bit when tags and making less wallbang spots.

I feel like these would make the game more consistent and improve gameplay. I want to know what you think of these changes and what you would possibly change. Let me know in the comments section below.


Let’s get into our Valorant economy guide where you’ll learn everything you need to know starting on the first round known as a pistol round. You start out with 800 credits and every kill you get in the game will net you an additional plus 200 credits. Even though a kill might not seem like it gives a lot it adds up very quickly.

If you can get like 20 kills, that’s 4000 credits, enough for an assault rifle and heavy armor. Also netting a kill in what seems to be a meaningless eco round could be the difference between getting a crucial piece of utility.

On a gun round in terms of the spike, spiked plant for the attacking side will net some 300 credits for the entire team. Defusing the spike however only gives a person who defused it 300 credits.

One round win gives everybody on the winning team three thousand credits losses on the other hand has a loss bonus mechanic for consecutive losses giving the losing team a better chance to come back with.

The first initial losing round gives 1900 credits, every additional loss increases the loss bonus by 500 credits up to a maximum of three rounds lost bonus.

So the second round loss bonus would be 2400 credits and the third round loss bonus would be 2900. Every loss after the third would still be capped at 2,900. With this, you now have a solid foundation of how balance economy works but there’s still much more to learn for the pistol round.

It’s called that because I’ve stated previously you start out with a hundred credits and you can only afford to buy a pistol secondary. Now you can buy the shotty but it’s highly not recommended as it is very situational and doesn’t have the all-around range you would like. On this round a better choice would be between either upgrading to a ghost or staying with the classic.

The ghost is more accurate and can once have enemies without shields but at the pricey cost of five hundred credits meaning after purchasing the ghost you won’t be able to buy light shields or full utility. I think the ghost is powerful and worth it in the right hands but if you’re not confident in using it feel free to rely on your utility.

When using the ghost it’s best to play a little further in distance and jiggle peaking so you don’t get swarmed by classics. The ideal distance would bearound fifteen to thirty meters away. If defending versus a push at 30-plus meters the ghost starts having damage drop off so just keep that in mind.

For the classic it’s not as bad as I think, people make it out to be it’s pretty inaccurate if you spam it but if you steadily tap it’s fine. I would say maybe like a steady and consistent 120 beats per minute would be perfect for using this gun to tap for headshots. It also has an amazing burst fire with the alternate fire allowing for jumping shots and shotgunning people at close range. If you’re running through a smoke and an enemy is close in to your sight right clicking their heads is so satisfying.  Remember to utilize this mechanic as it’s very underrated you can even kill people with full armor if you land all three bullets to the head with your right click.


So don’t underestimate this weapon. If you are sticking with the classic first round you can either choose light shields or buy for utility on some characters like sage and brimstone. It can be very viable as utility is key for the agent and largely benefits the team. Most other characters would opt for the light shields as it increases their chances of survival. Whatever you choose is pretty much all up to preference as anything is viable if you aim and play around it properly.

For do’s you choose either the classic or the ghost for don’ts don’t buy the sheriff or they’re just too situational and in order to properly play Valorant for optimal by rounds you have to look at the minimum next round located at the buy menu on the top left of equipment loadout and fully understand it keeping tabs on this is an important part to knowing whether you can or cannot buy next round.


3900 is the bare minimum requirement for rifle and shield but just remember that you still need utility depending on what agent you’re playing Utility in this context is the agents ability and how their abilities can be utilized in different situations. That’s why it’s called utility. Different agents require different amounts for full buys due to their utility costs.

For example

Phoenix is full utility adds up to 600 while breach is full utility is only 500

Let’s say you lost a pistol and the whole team is sitting on around 2000 credits then this round would be considered an economy round so that you can fully buy for the third round. Depending on how much you received either from kills or the spike you might be able to afford something small.

If your next round minimum is something like 5000 then you can probably afford to spend a little on either a ghost or a shorty to give you a better chance of getting some more kills. These tiny kills will give you a little bit of money 200 as we said before which helps in the long run but what you’re really looking for with kills on eco’s are ultimate stacks to build your ultimate faster for the future.


If your next round minimum is like 7000 while your teammates are sitting allied 2000 you can opt for a half buy meaning you have enough to buy full shields and maybe an SMG or a shotgun. This gives you the best chance of winning a round while still being able to afford a full set of equipment next round when your whole team is ready to buy

Coordinate buys, don’t force buy on eco rounds when teammates want to save.

After the eco round this is where the magic happens, the gun round. If you equal properly, you should have enough for full utility armor and assault rifle on the gun rounds.


It’s important to know how much staying alive does for your economy. Staying alive saves your gun and the remaining shields you have so you don’t have to buy it again next round. This means you’ll be saving up the bank for a rainy day. If you stay alive for multiple rounds you should be accumulating tons of money and who doesn’t like that with the increased money in your bank account you can drop teammates


Your goal in Valorant as a player is to win the round and you do so by getting kills and staying alive if you have almost no chance at around such as a 2v5 situation, your best bet is to probably save your equipment meaning run as far away as you can from the enemies so that you can try to stay alive and keep your equipment for next round.

Saving in rounds where you most likely have no chance gives you better chance to win the next round and you might be able to drop for your teammates as well the economy rewards you heavily for saving. So try to play to stay alive more often. If the game is close the save gun might help your team’s Buy and therefore increases your chances of winning.


Also to note the cap for money is 9000 credits so make sure to be buying teammates before you hit the cap. So money you’re obtaining isn’t wasted when you’re sitting around 7 to 8 K credits be sure to offer people buy even if they can afford a full buy themselves. This way you’re more efficient with the team’s money.


Nobody likes throwing money away, do save when rounds are looking lost and also buy for teammates when you’re almost at the credit cap

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