how econ is calculated in Valorant

How ECON is calculated in Valorant

Hey there, this article is for explaining the new Econ stat for new aspiring valorant users, we hope you
enjoy it and continue to support our page. We will break up our topic into a few questions and answer
them individually and factually to save you time and effort.

What is Econ?
This is a new statistic introduced in Valorant that is a new feature among the gaming community. It’s a
feature that a player can view after their match has ended. It is a representation of your overall damage
done during the total game duration compared as per each 1000 credits you spent on weaponry.
Let’s assume an example for better understanding:
During the entire game you spent 50,000 credits and did a total 5,000 points of damage, you would have
an Econ rating of 100.
However, your Econ rating is not affected if you are dropping a weapon (bought by you) for your

Does it really matter?
This is a rather subjective topic as though it seems like just a meaningless
number, it does teach new players to avoid spending obscene amounts of creds on utilities and weapons
they do not know how to use. On the other hand, one should also ignore it and try to play freely,
unhindered by the restriction of keeping a good score. It’s better to buy an Assault Rifle and get kills
rather than simply using a Pistol all game just to get that number higher. Although, one should try to
learn how to handle their credits if they are consistently bringing forth lower ratings.
What is a good Econ rating?
This is not a constant stat and will vary each game. It depends solely on a person’s playing style and
weapon choice. For example, if youre mainly using the Operator, you will need to get more kills than a
player using a Vandal to get the same Econ rating.
An Econ rating of around 50 is average, anything lower and you should re-evaluate your purchases and
think twice before buying up at the beginning of every round. A score between 60 and 70 is perfectly
normal and you have nothing to worry about. Above 70? Smooth sailing.
Just for better understanding:
If you buy an Operator (4,500 Creds), every kill against an enemy with Heavy Shields, that will count as
33 Econ Rating for that round. Get three kills? 100 Econ Rating for the round.
And that’s all there really is to it.

New stats are always welcome as they help a player grow and focus on aspects of his gaming that need
attention and practice. Valorant, being the newcomer in the gaming forum has yet to disappoint it’s
fanbase. Let’s hope Riot continues to do the amazing work they’ve done so far and provide us with more
gameplay and more innovative additions to this legendary game.


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