never surrender in valorant

Why should you never surrender in Valorant

Valorant is the new hype and its taken the community by storm. It is a famous CSGO rival and has many similarities. Just like CS:GO, Valorant has the ability to make its players rage over trivial issues such as mean teammates as well as grave problems such as griefers and hackers. This makes many players rage quit and abandon matches. When a match seems unwinnable, most tend to call the vote to surrender.

Today we will show you why this is the wrong move to make.

What exactly is a surrender?

This is a feature available to users ingame to end matches sooner. It takes 4 votes to pass and is rather uncommon. This is used only in dire situations and not constantly. There are many reasons for which its not optimal to surrender.

Whats so wrong about it?

First off, a vote to surrender is only called almost more than halfway through the match when the score may be completely one sided and the match results seem inevitable. At this point the match is almost over anyways and its better off just getting it over with. When you surrender your ELO/MMR takes a massive dip, this makes you eligible to losing your rank quicker. You may also get matched with extremely difficult players in the next match you play.

Another valid point is that Valorant has very biased maps such as Ascent, which is heavily defender sided, on which the scores can go a bit crazy. On such maps its actually really easy to comeback from a lopsided score but only if you have the drive to go for it.

Valorant also is a very unpredictable game as it purely depends on a players skill and game sense.

This makes it an unwise decision to surrender as anything can happen at anytime.

Hence, next time before surrendering you and your team should reconsider it! Nothing is impossible and victory comes only to those who chase it. Check out the rest of this page for more tips, tricks, and strats for Valorant beginners.

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